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Lucid Reflections

Welcome to Song of dawn's journal

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Hi, I'm 26 years old. I'm an artist and music-maker, writer, performer and lover of all things creative. I love playing the piano, and while I am terrible at sight-reading I have a funny quirk of sitting down and playing some of my favourite movie music pieces by ear. I'm a classically trained singer and will sing anything from Broadway to 17th Century Baroque.

I have an abiding love for anything Disney or Pixar and any of Hayao Miyazaki studio ghibli films. I also love world cinema and art-house cinema. I have a very varied taste in books and movies; from drama to romance, to thriller, to fantasy.

Some of my life’s little ambitions include travelling the world, studying Baroque music in Europe, publishing a book etc etc and just living life to the full!